Cav Lucas Top Cover for DPA Pumps 7180-872A 7123-888A


Delphi Cav Lucas Top Cover Kit for DPA Pumps 7180-872A 7123-888A

Please make sure you match the holes up with your old top cover.  We sell several others!  See full description below.

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Delphi Cav Lucas Top Cover Kit for DPA Pumps


Note:  We sell a couple other Cav Lucas Top Cover for DPA Pumps if this one isn’t right for you!  We also stock/sell the OE version of this top cover, although they are quite a bit more expensive.  The top cover listed here is Aftermarket from a widely respected vendor in Italy, and we stand by their quality.  Thanks.

This kit includes:

  • (x1) Top Cover 7180-872A
  • (x1) Gasket 7180-451
  • (x5) O-ring
  • (x2) DPA paper washers
  • (1x) Bleed screw 7123-351A and with matching copper washer

Fitment guide:

  • It’s always going to be a DPA pump. That’s a given.
  • Other than that, there are thousands of pump numbers that use this top cover.  So we don’t necessarily recommend trying to use your pumps model number to determine which one you need.
  • Short of sending us your number and letting us look it up in our specs, the old method of trying to match your old top cover by the number of holes, location of holes, ect. is usually easiest.
  • But please note, if the only difference between your old cover and our cover is the addition of a side bleed screw, then it’s probably the right cover for your pump (we include a few pictures showcasing this bleed screw above).

Need anything else?  These are other top cover components that go with this particular top cover:

Other Top Covers for CAV Lucas DPA Diesel Injection Pumps:

  • Delphi 7180-872A
  • Delphi 7180-872N
  • Delphi 7180-872D
  • Delphi 7180-873A

If you are not sure if this top cover rebuild kit is right for your application, please send us your complete pump model number.  We are here to help!

You can call us, use our contact form, or even send us an email directly ([email protected])


Additional information


, ,

Interchange numbers

7180-872A, 7123-888A, 7180-451, 7123-351A


Pump Manufacturer

CAV Lucas Delphi


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