DPA Pump drive seals 5393-252 to fit CAV Lucas Injection Pumps


Replacement Drive Seals for many DPA Diesel Injection Pumps

CAV / Lucas / Delphi Part number: 5393-252R

If you are not completely sure these seals fit your application, please send us your complete pump model number.

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Replacement CAV / Lucas / Delphi 5393-252R Drive Seals on DPA Diesel Injection Pump

Note: These DPA Pump Drive Seals replace Delphi Part Number 5393-252.  There are usually two per application, so we sell them as a pair.  These are aftermarket seals, but we source them from a reputable vendors (not China).  We stand by their quality, and as such, frequently use them for our in-house pump rebuilds.  Each pair of seals ships to you in brand new condition, never before used, and in a sealed packaging.  Thanks.

MPN: ads-5393-252

Fitment Guide:

  • Unfortunately, there is not a comprehensive list of pumps that use these drive seals.  There are also 1000s of pumps that use them, so it isn’t feasible for us to create one.
  • You can–and we actually prefer you to–send us your complete pump number ,and let us make sure they are right for you.
  • Other than having us check, we can only offer a few general rules to help you determine compatibility.
  • For example, almost all injector pumps that have model numbers that start with U304 use these seals
  • Also, only pumps with tapered shafts use these seals.
  • And these drive seals also do NOT just fit any DPA pump that have two drive seals
  • We also know that they do not fit pump number 3342F260 or MF383 tractors (we’ve gotten this a number of times).
  • But they do fit pump model number 3233F360.
  • I’m sure this is all confusing, so essentially if you are not absolutely sure these are the seals for you, CONTACT US!

We have some tips for replacing your old seals:

  • Remember the direction your old seals were installed in. Sometimes they are both lip in, sometimes they are not.
  • Some will have a clip between the 2 seals.  If yours have said clip, make sure to put it back when you put the new ones on!
  • Also note that drive shafts have a couple indentations that are sharp and make it hard to get the seals in without cutting them.  In the field, we sometimes use the corner of a plastic bag to cover the sharp edges just enough to get the seals past.

Thanks for reading, and remember if you need help, we are here!  Contact us.  You can call us, use our contact form, or even send us an email directly ([email protected])

We can help you with matching parts to your application or give you more tips.  If you use our contact form or email us, please include your complete pump model number.  We look to hearing from you.

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