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Diesel Injection Pump Parts:  We primary work on mechanical, pre-common rail, injector pumps and as such we mainly stock things that are directly useful to us professionally.  But, we have a lot more parts in stock than listed, and we can get our hands on a lot more than that, so if you need something, say something.  There’s a good chance we can help you track down what you need.  You can call us, use our contact form, or send us an email to [email protected]  (Our business hours are 8:00am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri).

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  • transfer-pump-liner-to-fit-dbg-jdb-dbm-dbo-dcb-dcm-type-pumps

    16753 Transfer Pump Liner for all DBG and JDB

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  • Replacement 20511 Transfer Pump Blades that fit DBG JDB DB2 DB4 injection pumps

    20511 Transfer Pump Blades for Stanadyne / Roosa Master DBG JDB DB2 DB4 Pumps

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  • Transfer Pump Liner for DPA diesel fuel injection pumps

    7139-540 DPA Transfer Pump Liner – CAV / Lucas / Delphi

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  • Overhaul rebuild repair pump gasket kit dgk121

    Bosch VE Injection Pump Gasket Kit DGK121 for Cummins 5.9 L

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  • replacement fuel damper that goes on many dpa diesel injection pumps

    Cav Lucas Fuel Damper & Checkball for DPA Pumps 7139-159 B

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  • Product Image for DB4 Overhaul Kit 33702

    DB4 Gasket Kit OE Stanadyne 33702

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  • Delphi Drive seals 7174-856 fit dp200 pumps

    DP200 Drive Seals replaces Delphi 7174-856-R

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  • DPA Transfer Pump Blades that fit inside diesel injection pumps

    DPA Carbon Transfer Pump Blades Also Fits OLD DBG

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  • DPA injection pump kit rebuild kit 7135-110

    DPA injection pump kit replaces Delphi 7135-110

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  • replacement DPA injection pump side cover with gasket

    DPA Injection Pump Side Cover – Ford DPA – 7180-57A

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  • cav lucas dpa injection pump part: drive shaft seals 5393-252

    DPA Pump drive seals 5393-252 to fit CAV Lucas Injection Pumps

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  • screw-that-goes-into-the-top-cover-of-dpa-injection-pump

    DPA Top Cover Bleed Screw 7123-351A

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