Bosch VE Injection Pump Gasket Kit DGK121 for Cummins 5.9 L


Pump Gasket Kit DGK121

This kit will work for most VE style Bosch Pumps that have a 20MM drive Shaft.

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Bosch VE Injection Pump Gasket & Seal Rebuild Kit for Diesel Dodge Cummins 5.9 L

Note:  Our pump gasket kit DGK121 are aftermarket, but we source them from a reputable vendor in Italy and stand by their quality.  Each kit ships in brand new condition, never before used, and in a sealed packaging.

Replaces MPN:

  • Bosch DGK121
  • CAV 7135-424

Fitment Guide:

  • This kit mainly works on Rotatory VE pumps with 20mm drive shaft in that it contains most parts that will work for those pumps.  Kit comes with the 20mm drive seal, the tiny aneroid o-ring, and seal for in opening housing 31MM
  • Pumps that use this kit are commonly on  Case Tractors, Dodge-Cummins, Onan ( all or almost all of which are Bosch VE – Rotary Style Pumps )
  • If you have any other type of pump and aren’t sure if this is right for your application, let us know.  We prefer you send us your complete pump model number.  Thanks

Want to Change your head seal without disassembling the pump?

  1. With the pump removed from the engine, take off the solenoid, the mounting bracket and all but two screws (picture 1)
  2. Slowly loosen the other two screws evenly till you have access to the o-ring (picture 2).  If the head does not rise as you loosen the screws you may have to pry it up with a thin screw driver.  The plan is to not remove the last two screw all the way as keeping these screws threaded will help keep everything in alignment.
  3. Using a probe or other sharp object pull out and cut the old o-ring to discard it. (picture 3)
  4. Grease the new o-ring and very gently stretch it over the head and allow it to rest on the two screws. (picture 4)
  5. Loosen one bolt at a time until the o-ring drops in. Once the o-ring drops in be sure to re-thread which ever bolt you were on immediately to ensure you don’t mess up the alignment (picture 5).
  6. Easy enough, right? The key is, you must allow gravity to keep the head pulled down while allowing the 2 screws to keep it centered.

If you choose to replace your drive seal without disassembling the pump completely:

  1. Using a medium screwdriver and a bench grinder, create a tool similar to the one shown in the included picture. The orange lines show the shape of the screwdriver before grinding.
  2. Using a hammer, gently tap the screwdriver between the rubber part of the seal and the pump drive shaft. Be careful to avoid damaging the main pump’s aluminum housing (Picture A).
  3. Gently push the screwdriver down, prying up on the seal. If the seal appears to be bending instead of coming out, you may need to tap it again or move the screwdriver to a new position and try again. You may need to pry from several sides before the seal will come out (Picture B). With some luck, you will have the results shown in Picture C.
  4. Clean the seal area and lubricate both the inside and outside areas of the new seal. Using the hammer, gently tap the seal in with a perfectly sized deep well socket. Keep the seal level as it enters the pump (Picture D). The new seal (rubber coated) may be taller than the old seal, so it will be flush with the pump housing once it is installed.

Remember, if you are not sure if this kit is right for your application, please send us your complete pump model number.  We are here to help!

You can call us, use our contact form, or even send us an email directly ([email protected])


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