How to Ship a Pump

I promise that it is not as crazy or scary as it might sound at first.  Don’t let yourself be too intimidated.  These days, you can absolutely have pump sent off--likely to a completely different state--and have it rebuild.  And to boot, if you let us rebuild it, your total cost will be very price competitive with shops in your home state even including the shipping cost!

In fact, we have customers ship us their pumps and/or injectors from all over the country every week.  It’s become a very common place thing for us, and at this point, rebuilds from out-of-state make up a big portion of our overall business.

With that being said, we cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items during shipping. Mail carriers aren’t perfect and bad things do sometimes happen.

But following these tips will reduce the odds substantially.

  • Drain out all fuel and oil, and to make sure it’s all out, allow it plenty of time to drain.
  • Put everything inside several closeable bags so anything you might have missed doesn’t leak out into the box. A slow drip of oil or fuel can saturate the whole box in a day or two. Once that happens, the box will fail.
  • Use a big enough box so the is at least 3” between the pump on all sides, top and bottom. Use a strong box that allows tight packing.
  • Don’t skimp out on the packing materials. Use plenty!  If the pump can move around inside the box at all, it’s probably going to get damaged or even lost.
  • A good way to test if you’ve used enough packaging is to pick up the box and move it around. You should not feel the pump move as you handle the box. If it moves at all, please repackage.
  • Think about it this way: if the pump can move in the box, it can gain momentum, and it’s dense and heavy. Several good back and forth motions could easily compress your packing material. Once your packing material is worn out, the pump is either going to break or beat its way through the side of the box.
  • Sadly, we have seen plenty of pumps arrive broken over the years--or even worse, the box made it to us but the pump didn’t. Please, take your time and pack it right!
  • And finally, consider insurance. Lots of it. A pump replacement will be very expensive when you don’t even have a core.

Thanks for reading these tips.  We look forward to getting a chance to serve you.