DPA Top Cover Bleed Screw 7123-351A


DPA Top Cover Bleed Screw 7123-351A

CAV / Lucas / Delphi numbers: 7123-351A, 7123-351B, 7240-20B

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DPA Top Cover Bleed Screw 7123-351A

 Note:  Our screws are aftermarket made to OEM spec.  They are high quality and the only issues we ever have with them is the same we have with the OE ones:  they will break if you over torque them!  You don’t need a lot of torque–not on the main bolt or the internal bleed screw.  These bleed screws only have to hold back a few PSI, and as such, there isn’t a ton of material between the internal and external wall of the screw according to the OE specifications.

OE Part Numbers (CAV / Lucas / Delphi):

  • 7123-351A
  • 7123-351B
  • 7240-20B

Fitment Guide:

  • This bleed screw goes in the top cover (this does not go in the main pump housing!)
  • Most top covers on DPA style pumps use this screw.

If you need anything, reach out.  We are here to help, and if you send us your complete pump model number, we can make sure you get the parts you need.

You can call us or use our contact form.  You can also even send us an email directly ([email protected]).


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