Stanadyne Drive Bushing 16323 Pilot Tube for DB2, DBG, and JDB


Brass Pilot tube, drive bushing for Stanadyne and Roosa Master diesel injection pumps

Stanadyne Part Number: 16323

See fitment guide below!!

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OEM Stanadyne Brass Pilot Tube (Drive Bushing) for Stanadyne and Roosa Master Pumps

NOTE: Stanadyne Drive Bushing 16323 measures 1.660 inches in length.  It is extremely important that you get the right size for your pump.  We also sell the 16320 pilot tube which measures 1.840 inches in length.  Also, special bushing tools are highly recommended!  Changing out these bushing is not an easy job.  Consider at least calling with questions.

Fitment Guide :

  • Fits a lot of AG Pump Applications for DB, JDB, and DC Models.
  • Stanadyne Drive bushing 16323 never fits any Ford Pumps.
  • It also does does not fit automotive applications (We do not currently sell a pilot tube that fits any automotive applications).
  • It is only used on pumps where the drive shaft comes out with the pump and has a tang drive on the engine end (if your drive shaft stays behind you probably need 16320 pilot tube).
  • If you send us your pump model number, we can tell you, for sure, which pilot tube you need.

If you need help verifying your application or need any help, reach out to us.  We are here to help!

You can call us, use our contact form, or even send us an email directly ([email protected])


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