Roosa Master

This product is for Roosa Master / Stanadyne diesel injection pumps.

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  • transfer-pump-liner-to-fit-dbg-jdb-dbm-dbo-dcb-dcm-type-pumps

    16753 Transfer Pump Liner for all DBG and JDB

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  • Replacement 20511 Transfer Pump Blades that fit DBG JDB DB2 DB4 injection pumps

    20511 Transfer Pump Blades for Stanadyne / Roosa Master DBG JDB DB2 DB4 Pumps

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  • Product Image for DB4 Overhaul Kit 33702

    DB4 Gasket Kit OE Stanadyne 33702

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  • Drives seals

    Drive Seals 10453 for most Stanadyne Roosa Master Pumps

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  • Drive seals and line washers need to install most Stanadyne Roosa Master diesel injection pumps

    Drive Seals and Line Washers for Stanadyne / Roosa Master

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  • FORD ONLY. Group of parts

    FORD ONLY. Group of parts include the Gasket kit, Liner and blades and end plate.

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  • High-pressure-line-washers-fit-on-stanadyne-injection-pumps

    Injection Pump Line Washers 12 Pack

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  • Stanadyne Roosa Master Diesel Return Check Ball fit DB2 DB4 style Pumps

    OE Stanadyne Roosa Return Check Ball 21251

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  • Drive bushing for DB2, DBG and JDB type pumps

    OEM Stanadyne Drive bushing for DB2, DBG, and JDB type pumps

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  • stanadyne-roosa-master-return-check-ball-for-diesel-injection-pump-repair

    Roosa Master Injection Pump Return Check Valve 15830

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  • tool-to-install-10453-seals-on-stanadyne-roosa-master-pumps

    Stanadyne Drive Seal tool 22727 for Easy Installation

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  • Product image for Stanadyne Drive Shaft Seal Install Tool 13371

    Stanadyne Drive Shaft Seal Install Tool 13371

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