VE Pump Drive Seal for Bosch Pumps 20mm ID


Bosch VE Diesel Injection Pump Drive Seal for Pumps with 20mm OD driveshafts

Replaces: 2-460-283-001

Made in Germany with Real Viton.

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Bosch VE Diesel Injection Pump Drive Seal for Pumps with 20mm OD driveshafts

Item description: These VE Pump Drive Seal are made for pumps with 20mm OD driveshafts. Commonly fits Cummins and VW TDI 1999-2006. If your driveshaft is 17mm(seal for 17mm drive shaft) or 25mm(VP44 seal for 25mm drive shaft), we sell those too !

MPN: 2-460-283-001 (2460283001).

Interchange: 2-460-283-001-R, 81 1626, 811626, 2460283001, U1019953

Note: Our seals are quality aftermarket made in Germany, but they are real Viton, and we have yet to see a difference between them and OE.  If you really want OE, please send us an email or use our contact form, and we’ll do our best to get some out to you.

Tip Corner:

If you choose to replace your drive seal without disassembling the pump completely, here are a few tips:

  1. Using a medium screwdriver and a bench grinder, create a tool similar to the one shown in the included picture. The orange lines show the shape of the screwdriver before grinding.
  2. Using a hammer, gently tap the screwdriver between the rubber part of the seal and the pump drive shaft. Be careful to avoid damaging the main pump’s aluminum housing (Picture A).
  3. Gently push the screwdriver down, prying up on the seal. If the seal appears to be bending instead of coming out, you may need to tap it again or move the screwdriver to a new position and try again. You may need to pry from several sides before the seal will come out (Picture B).
  4. With some luck, you will have the results shown in Picture C.
  5. Clean the seal area and lubricate both the inside and outside areas of the new seal. Using the hammer, gently tap the seal in with a perfectly sized deep well socket. Keep the seal level as it enters the pump (Picture D). The new seal (rubber coated) may be taller than the old seal, so it will be flush with the pump housing once it is installed.”

Remember, if you are not sure if this item is right for your application or need some more tips, please send us your complete pump model number.  We are here to help!

You can call us, use our contact form, or even send us an email directly ([email protected])


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