CAV Lucas DPA Idling Spring Guide replaces Delphi 7123-93


Idling Spring Guide or Peg fits all Mechanically Governed DPA Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

replaces CAV / Lucas / Roto-Diesel/ Delphi 7123-93

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CAV Lucas DPA Idling Spring Guide replaces Delphi 7123-93

This CAV Lucas DPA Idling Spring Guide is OE Delphi ( Cav/Lucas/Roto-Diesel are all owned by Delphi Technologies ).  However, we will not ship it to you in OE packaging.  This is because we buy these from the manufacture in packs of 10, and we do not have enough OE packaging to go around.  Thanks!

NOTE:   If the reason you are purchasing this item is that you have lost your original guide or spring, please ensure they are not in your pump!

Fitment Guide:

  • This idling spring peg fits every DPA Diesel Injection Pumps that is mechanically governed.
  • As for the idling spring, there are about 5 different types.
  • If you need the spring as well, give us your pump number.  We probably have it in stock.

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