6.9 Diesel Ford Injector Line Kit


6.9 Diesel Ford Injector Line Kit

Common Ford applications (1983-1994):
E SERIES,  F – 250,  F – 350,  F – 550,  EXCURSION,  F SERIES


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This kit can do up to three things for your truck.

1. Stop Stubborn leaks from around your injector return tees. 2. Cure Hard Starting due to air leaking into the fuel system * 3. Use this kit to install your new or rebuilt injectors to help the job run trouble free.

These kits are very popular as the tees alone can be quite expensive. Do the job right the first time.

If you have a repair shop your customers will appreciate you stopping future leaks as well.

Included in this kit:

* Enough Braided fuel line to replace all the lines between all 8 injectors (remember the rule Measure Twice and Cut Once) * 18 Spring Clamps * 16 O-rings, 2 for each Injector * 8 Compression Copper washers. These go under the injectors, If you are not removing the injectors you can save these for later. * Four Straight Tees * Three Elbow Tees * One End Tee

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, We are here to help.

Please Note: Make sure this is the right kit for your 6.9 Diesel by looking closely at the large thumbnail and compare them with the ones you are changing. They must be the same. Good Luck and thanks for visiting.

Shipping will be Priority Mail so you should have your kit within 3 days from Shipping. We always try to ship on the first Business Day after payment has cleared.

*In many cases when hard starting occurs, air is leaking into the fuel system from around these tees.

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