Injection Pump Parts

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  • cav-lucas-branded-fuel-damper-7139-159a-fits-dpa-style-injection-pumps

    Fuel Damper for DPA Pumps replaces Cav Lucas 7139-159A

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  • Overflow check valve for VP44 diesel injection pumps made for Dodge Cummins

    VP44 Dodge Cummins Overflow Valve OE Bosch 1-467-445-003

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  • Drive seals and line washers need to install most Stanadyne Roosa Master diesel injection pumps

    Drive Seals and Line Washers for Stanadyne / Roosa Master

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  • screw-that-goes-into-the-top-cover-of-dpa-injection-pump

    DPA Top Cover Bleed Screw 7123-351A

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  • cav lucas dpa injection pump part: drive shaft seals 5393-252

    DPA Pump drive seals 5393-252 to fit CAV Lucas Injection Pumps

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  • Transfer Pump Liner for DPA diesel fuel injection pumps

    7139-540 DPA Transfer Pump Liner – CAV / Lucas / Delphi

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  • VE Pump Drive Seal for Bosch Pumps 20mm ID

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  • replacement DPA injection pump side cover with gasket

    DPA Injection Pump Side Cover – Ford DPA – 7180-57A

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  • DPA* Transfer Pump endplate

    DPA* Transfer Pump endplate

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  • FORD ONLY. Group of parts

    FORD ONLY. Group of parts include the Gasket kit, Liner and blades and end plate.

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  • Over Flow Valve for inline Bosch Pump.

    Over Flow Valve for inline Bosch Pump.

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  • VW rabbit volvo Injection pump kit.

    VW rabbit volvo Injection pump kit

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